Future Punx "999 / Living In A Movie" 7"

Image of Future Punx "999 / Living In A Movie" 7"


It may come as a surprise that a band called Future Punx is so indebted to the past. And the present for that matter. But it shouldn't. Future Punx make little distinction between past, present and future; rather this New York City outfit recognizes three dimensions to a greater musical whole, gleaning equal influence from each. The past year has seen the Punx become one of the Big Apple's best live bands, stealing the show from headliners and locals alike. Now for the first time, the band has a physical artifact to mark their place in music history/future. On this double A side (because let's face it, both songs are hits) FuturePunx make their mark on 2014 AD. The empire built by synth punk, new-wave and no-wave is the ancestral point of origin for Future Punx' "Post-Wave". But as Horselover Fat would declare in Philip K. Dick's epic "Valis", "the empire never ended".

Available March 11th from Dull Tools!