Future Punx "This Is Post-Wave" LP

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Why don't you do yourself a favor and get this through your moldy rind ASAP: Future Punx are punk. Punker than the Tragedy tattoo you got in 2006 and try to forget about. Punker than your "transgressive" Soundcloud-noise-wankery and the fascist imagery you childishly borrowed for the logo. Punker than your dangly earring and your stupid switchblade that you will literally never use, and yes dear reader, punker than YOU. The members of Future Punx have all taken the traditional punk trajectory; playing in crust, garage, weird-punk, hardcore punk bands, and by virtue of thinking for themselves becoming what they were always meant to be: FUTURE PUNX. For far too long the Punx have been a well-kept New York secret. The band, formed in the aftermath of FERGUS & GERONIMO, have become a well-oiled live machine over the last three years. Near-constant gigging at New York institutions like Baby’s Alright, Palisades and Silent Barn have found them fiercer than ever, evidenced in 'This Is Post-Wave', their first full length LP.
On the self-produced album, Future Punx solidify their vision of a genreless approach to musical creation, finding a focused, diverse and open-hearted approach to exploring the astral planes of punk. Both sonically and conceptually, 'This Is Post-Wave' takes the group to new places. It shouldn't be surprising that the title reads like that of a manifesto, as the opening, titular track is just that. Telling both the bands' cosmic origin-story and ideological agenda, the song ends with an exciting refrain:

“Liberate at any rate, don't hesitate, THIS IS POST-WAVE”

Manhattan Loverboy, a song framed in the words of cautionary advice to a young kid turning tricks in the city, reminds one of TALKING HEADS or ROXY MUSIC, two bands from which Future Punx have been handed an art-rock torch. As the cultural definition of punk becomes more and more accommodating to non-capital-P-punk genres, we see a generation of bands less concerned with the posturing, using punk as a point of origin for finding new and creative ways with expressing rebellion. Ever You Go recalls synth-punk bands of yore, like DEVO and THE UNITS but isn’t preoccupied with reviving vintage sounds. Rather, Future Punx focus on breaking free from the past, taking punk to a new place and time. This can be felt on Any Other Way, more than anywhere else, as it finds the band most as themselves. Funky, smart and somewhat menacing, the song quite possibly features 2015's catchiest guitar riff.

So what is Post-Wave? It could either be interpreted as state of thinking that leads us to a sort of futuristic punk utopia, or a path paved to avoid the doldrums of a dreary future. Future Punx have achieved something quite difficult, which is an expression of joy, anger, love and intelligence that is always sincere, always fun and never posed. For this they should be applauded.

Europe can order Adagio version via Bis Auf Messer in Berlin http://www.bisaufsmesser.com/store/records/lp/18144/future-punx-this-is-post-wave-lp