Soda "Without A Head" 12"

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Somewhere between the afterparties of Art Basel and the cloud of exhaust from the Daytona 500 comes Soda, a raw and ugly mutation of punk that is as American as its name. 'Blonde On Blonde' is a panorama of the Sunshine State's seedy underbelly set at night. The back and forth vocals of Lara Lookabaugh and Arlington Garret remind one a bit of Royal Trux at their heaviest, or perhaps a more sinister B52's. Coming from the same tight-knit DIY scene that brought the world Merchandise, Cult Ritual, Neon Blood, St. Dad and American Snakeskin (the latter two which featured Mr. Garret), Soda carry with them a history of American punk that thrives outside of the usual culture centers of New York, LA and Austin.

Soda is:
Arlington Garret- guitar, vocals
Lara Lookabaugh- bass, vocals
Meredith Kite - drums

'Without A Head' coming January 15th on Dull Tools

1. New Trash
2. Janie Juicehead
3. Blonde On Blonde

1. Chaisin' Tail
2. TV
3. Lot Pony